Take Action! Important Update on Greenwich Fracking Waste Ban

After a lengthy process, working with town departments, boards, commissions, and committees, the ordinance will finally come up for a vote next Monday, the 17th, at the next Representative Town Meeting (RTM). It is item #9 on the agenda known as 'The Call'. The opposition is working hard to kill our ordinance through a variety of proposals as alternate actions that they would like the RTM to take. All of the alternate proposals will leave Greenwich unprotected from the out-of-state contaminated waste. We are asking supporters to contact their representatives of the RTM and have provided sample letters with emails below. 

We are also asking that all residents who support this ordinance to demonstrate it to our elected officials by joining us at the meeting on Monday, September 17th, 8 p.m. at Central Middle School. Please bring your friends and family and come out Monday night to protect our property values, ecosystem, local water supply, and health! Please join us at this meeting. We will be sitting in the back of the auditorium wearing nametags that read 'GCA'. If you attend, we suggest carpooling with a friend because parking is limited. Note that there is additional parking across the street at Greenwich Baptist Church. 

Sample Letter 1

Dear RTM Representative(s) in District ___:

I am writing to urge you to vote YES to the fracking waste ordinance proposed by Greenwich Conservation Advocates and vote NO to any substitution to this ordinance, such as a “Sense of the Meeting Resolution” proposed by the opposition.

As a homeowner and taxpayer of Greenwich, I am concerned that the introduction of fracking waste would negatively impact our land values, and more importantly, our health.  50 other municipalities in CT have passed a fracking waste ban. The time is now for Greenwich to join Stamford, Norwalk, Hartford, Bridgeport and other forward-thinking communities.

Fracking waste is currently being shipped to 8 states from Pennsylvania already, with our immediate neighbor NY being one of them. This is literally too close to home and we, as a coastal community, cannot risk contamination from this toxic, radioactive and carcinogenic waste.  

Thank you for your service to our town and for representing the voice of your constituents.

Kind regards,


Sample Letter 2

Dear RTM Representative(s) in District ___:

Please vote FOR Item 9 on the RTM call on 9/17 and AGAINST any substitution of this ordinance and/or a “Sense of the Meeting Resolution.”

Greenwich is no stranger to contamination.  Between the coal ash at GHS, PCBs at Western Middle School, PFOAs in wells in Northwest Greenwich and more, we have a long and storied past with contamination.  So with the increasing supply of cheap road de-icers and construction fill we need to ensure our town continues to source clean supplies and has recourse if Greenwich should have a contamination problem.  Furthermore, we need to prevent the waste from getting here in the first place.  Greenwich Conservation Advocates’ ordinance will do just that - and the time is now to adopt that ordinance.  Because once the waste is here, it will be too late, and our town just doesn’t have the financial means to remediate yet another contamination event.  Please remember that prevention is always less expensive than remediation.

Thank you for your time and attention to this matter.



Sample Letter 3

Dear  RTM Representative(s) in District ___:

I am writing to urge you to vote FOR Item 9, the fracking waste ordinance in the RTM call, and AGAINST the Sense of the Meeting Resolution or any amendment(s) made to that ordinance proposed by the opposition.

The ordinance put forth by Greenwich Conservation Advocates is a comprehensive one; one that will best protect Greenwich’s environment, health and land values.  There is currently NO beneficial use to any waste generated from hydraulic fracturing and the science is very clear about this.  And yet, our statewide moratorium has expired and over a billion gallons of liquid waste and millions of tons of solid waste is produced by our neighbors in the fracking fields of Pennsylvania.  They’ve been sending it out to NY and 7 other states, and CT is now vulnerable to this waste stream.

If you value the health, land values, environment and ecosystem of Greenwich and our residents, you will join me in supporting Greenwich Conservation Advocates’ fracking waste ordinance on 9/17.  Thank you.