Other Water Conservation Initiatives


Did you know that sprinkler irrigation accounts for more than 30% of total U.S. household use and that more than 50% of that water is lost due to evaporation or over-watering?  Indeed, much of the water used in sprinkler irrigation is unnecessary and wastes a tremendous amount of water.  The fact is, lawns and gardens actually thrive on less water as root systems grow deeper into the soil for moisture and nutrients.  

Also, despite what you may think, precipitation this year was still below normal levels.  Due to mandatory sprinkler bans last summer, reservoirs are finally replenishing, but another drought this summer could have our water supplies plummeting to critical levels again.  Whether you have a well or use town water, please be mindful of Aquarion's twice weekly irrigation schedule for this summer: http://www.aquarionwater.com/CT/faq-irrigation

Your lawn, garden and water supply will thank you.

State Water Plan

GCA fully supports the State Water Plan as currently written and GCA submitted written testimony on this important piece of water conservation legislation on 4/13/2018.  

Our support, however, is contingent on the designation of the water resources of our state as a "public trust". The notion that these precious resources should be granted any other status to companies for distribution to our residents, at their discretion, is unacceptable. Removal of that language in the final legislation will nullify our support.  

If you care about CT's water resources, please consider attending the Legislative Hearing on the Water Plan on 4/17/18 in Hartford.  Click here for details.

Water Conservation Tips

  • Use a mulching mower to shred leaves into your lawn. Healthy soil with a good proportion of organic matter absorbs and retains water better, and keeps plants healthier and more drought-resistant.  Learn more about better practices with lawns here:  https://www.rodalesorganiclife.com/garden/6-steps-healthy-organic-lawn

  • Insulating your pipes in unheated areas - especially the ones that lead outdoors - will prevent pipe breakages which can waste a huge amount of water. In addition, insulating your hot water pipes will keep the water in the pipes warmer and reduce the amount of water wasted while you are waiting for your shower or sink hot water to reach the desired temperature. Also, a bucket to catch that not-hot-enough-yet water in the shower will give you extra water for cleaning, flushing a toilet, or rinsing the tub. You can even toss that water into your clothes washing machine. 

  • Consider purchasing a rain barrel.  Aquarion offers high-quality, 60-gallon rain barrels for only only $75.00 (40% off the retail price of $125).  It takes just one quarter-inch of rainfall on an average roof to fill the barrel and give you water to use during dry periods, even when restrictions are imposed on water usage. Click here for more information.  Orders must be received by June 1, 2018

  • For more easy water conservation tips, click here and here.