About Us

Who We Are

Greenwich Conservation Advocates (GCA) is a nonpartisan grassroots neighborhood organization that initially formed in early 2017 in response to concerns about local drought conditions. GCA supports and promotes local water conservation and quality protections.  

Our volunteers are gardeners, farmers, beekeepers, parents, grandparents, pet owners, nature-lovers, homeowners, business owners, and others dedicated to protecting our community’s resources.

What We Do

GCA's key issues of focus include:

  • Best management practices related to water conservation. 
  • Public education on lawns as the largest factor in the misuse and contamination of public water resources and bodies.
  • Identifying and supporting efforts to protect open space as a significant element impacting water quality and supply. 
  • Improving and supporting current public education efforts by the Town of Greenwich and Aquarion on water conservation.
  • Supporting water quality protections that include but are not limited to preventing the potential storage; treatment, or reuse of oil and gas fracturing waste and wastewater in Greenwich. 

Fracking Waste Ban

Forty-two towns in Connecticut and 400 municipalities in New York, including all five boroughs of New York City and 15 New York counties - including our neighbors in Westchester and Nassau - have passed local ordinances banning fracking waste.

There is currently no hydraulic fracturing (“fracking”) occurring in Connecticut. Yet the fracking fields of Pennsylvania and other states are generating over a billion gallons of liquid waste, and millions of tons of solid waste annually. This poisonous waste is disposed of in eight states already.


There is no good reason to bring toxic waste into our town. We can protect our community, our children, local ecosystems, property values, and water supply in Greenwich.  Keep Greenwich fracking-waste free by clicking the button below: